2. The Arcade 

In the beginning of this dream I went with a group of friends to an arcade like a Main Event/Dave & Busters/something arcadish. And when we went to the front to get some tokens when the lady at the front desk asked us would you like to spin the wheel to see your luck. I noticed she smiled to creepily but my luck was about to turn when I spinner that wheel a serpent came out of her. Then suddenly my group of friends were no more & it was just me. The devil showed himself in my presence & chased & my dream was disappearing to black. Soon I witnessed the devil himself in my dream & he ended my life before I could blink.

Update June 31

I had the same dream over & over again. Someone or something is trying to come for me in the dream no matter how many times I wake up I can’t escape the dream. On the 4th repeated dream I finally decided to stay up till the sun comes up because I saw something in my room. Maybe I was tired or maybe I actually saw something (it was a shadow moving in my room).

1. Childs Play

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The Playground


The dream began with me talking to the neighbors about babysitting their three children (2 boys and & 1 girl). My neighbors house made me feel 3 feet tall like a mansion the sky was grey/cloudy with a peek of sun every hour. These kids were 10 years old or younger & they tried to murder me along with a strange shadow/spirit. We decided to play in the backyard in their playground but I didn’t know it be filled with traps. I was on the swings while they were in the play house the wind picked up & I fell off on the grass where glass stabbed me in my knees & palms. I went to go to the kitchen to clean up but it healed itself so then I went back to watch the kids. The kids wanted me to come to the playhouse so then I did, I climbed the ropes to get to the top where the girl was waiting for me & she helped me up. She asked if I wanted to go with her on the slide (of course I said yes), but I saw the spirit the little girl said she saw nothing which made me feel concerned. (IN THE DREAM I tried to pinch myself it helps me wake up when I know something bad is going to happen but my dream wouldn’t allow me to wake). So I continued to follow her, I stood & laid my arms on the wooded handles then my arms felt electrocuted/like they fell asleep. The 2 boys pushed me off the playhouse still holding on to my hands while I’m hanging on the edge. The girl looks at me & tells me you must die, I look below & see knives facing up along with me being higher than a rooftop she stabbed with thumbtacks on my hands.  Finally I got a hold of my dream I grabbed one of the boys & pushed him down so that I can get up, then grabbed the other boys to kill him, then it was me & the girl who ran & jumped but I grabbed her (I felt remorse for murdering her brothers) she then stabbed my hand & from there she died. I cried in the dream & told myself wake up. So I did.

Background Story

Hello to everyone who views this what you will read are about my dreams BUT NOT dreams as in goals or aspirations. More like my nightmares/lucid dreams/good dreams. I have 4-6 dreams every night & I remember each & everyone of them, I sketch them at times. My dreams are not kiddish they are life like almost so realistic I feel as if I can’t wake up. Hope you read my dreams and enjoy.